Mrii- Ukrainian Hope

    Mykola Lysenko (1842 – 1912)
    Reverie, Visions of the Past, op.13 d minor
    Dumka-Schumka, op.18 a- minor

    Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849)
    Mazurka op.17 nr4 a

    Yakiv Stepovyi (1883-1921)
    Valse op5.nr1 b-minor
    Prelude op.9 nr1 b flat minor
    Mazurka op.9 nr.2 E flat major

    Prelude in Memory of Shevchenko op.13 a minor
    Fantasia e minor


    Yakiv Stepovyi (1883-1921)
    Mriya (Dream) g minor

    Levko Revutskyi (1889 – 1977)
    Improvisation B flat major
    Song op. 17 nr.1 g minor

    Valentin Silvestrov (* 1937)
    Three Bagatelles op. 1

    2. Moderato
    3. Moderato

    Kitsch Music
    1.Allegro vivace
    3. Allegretto


The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian and moral catastrophe, but also a cultural and emotional one. The humanitarian and moral reach of the war is reported in the news every day. But on the cultural level we are increasingly realizing that we have paid too little attention to the music from the Ukraine for decades.

The Ukrainian-born pianist Violina Petrychenko, who has been living in Germany for years, deliberately offers a contrasting program on her new album "Mrii - Ukrainian Hope": "Mrii" is the Ukrainian word for "dream", and so the focus here is on pieces by Ukrainian composers, the ones hitherto little-known light, dreamy, romantic and at times melancholic side of Ukrainian music of the 19th and 20th centuries. The palette that we hear from composers, whose names we are hardly familiar with, is astonishingly diverse: from Mykola Lysenko's "Reverie", probably inspired by Schumann and Chopin, to Levko' Revutskyj piano music, which is obviously influenced by French impressionism and jazz - every piece in this program has a surprise!

Violina Petrychenko writes in the booklet for her new CD: "Since February 24, 2022, no Ukrainian can dream of anything other than the end of a brutal, senseless war."

And so this program, whose motto is the dream and dreaming, also becomes a political statement: No matter how destructive bombs and rockets may be - the dreams that people carry in their hearts will always be stronger!

How often do we really have the opportunity to follow our thoughts and hear our dreams?

The poetic, refined and graceful program of the concert invites you into the world of fantasy, into the reality of our dreams, where each of us creates images of our ideal world.

Close your eyes and enjoy the music of Lysenko, Stepovoy, Chopin, Revutsky and Silvestrov. Who knows, maybe by the end of the concert your dream will come true..

If you're interested in this program feel free to contact me.