Opera meets jazz
    Alamiro Giampieri (1893–1963)
    Il carnevale di Venezia“
    Donato Lovreglio (1841–1907)
     „La Traviata“
     Carlo della Giacoma (1858–1929)
    Tosca Fantasia op. 171
     Bela Kovacs (*1937
    Salute, Signore Rossini
    Alec Templeton (1910–1963)
     Pocket Size Sonata №1
     Erwin Schulhoff (1894–1942)
    Jazz Sonate
     George Gerschwin (1898–1937)
    3 Preludes
     Michael Garson (*1945
    Jazz Variationen über das Thema von Paganini

You love opera and can't resist jazz? With the Duo Adame you don't have to decide - because the musicians have brought both! They play jazz and classical music on the same level, and for them, genre borders do not seem to exist. In the first half the Duo Adamé takes their audience into the theatre and presents well-known opera melodies with brilliance, virtuosity and emotional depth. In the second half we dive into a completely different musical world. Jazzy rhythms and soulful melodies radiate joy of life! 

Experience this program during these concerts:
Jul 29th, 4:00 pm