Natalia and Violina have been playing together for many years. They studied at the same music conservatory in Ukraine, walked the same streets of Kyiv, breathed the same Ukrainian air, and absorbed the spirit of freedom during the Orange Revolution in 2004. With the onset of a full-fledged war in Ukraine, these two Ukrainian virtuoso musicians decided to focus their efforts on joining their people's fight for victory over the aggressor. Driven by the same conviction, they chose their art as their tool. Natalia and Violina believe that the best way for them to help their people win the war is to showcase an amazing Ukrainian music culture, Ukrainian spirit, and Ukrainian identity to a broader audience in Europe.

The Ukrainian violinist Natalia Gordeyeva possesses a unique and distinguished violin tone. Jean-Pierre Gounod, the grandson of a famous French composer, described her playing style as "intelligent, elegant, and full of musical bravery." Ida Haendel, the legendary Carol Flesh pupil, wrote about Natalia, "She plays with respect for the score, which is a rare quality nowadays."

Natalia studied at the Lysenko Special Music School for Gifted Children in Kyiv under the guidance of Yaroslava Rivniak. She later earned a Master of Music degree at the National Music Academy Tchaikovsky (Kyiv). Under the tutelage of Professor Nataliya A. Bazhenova, she completed her assistant internship at the National Academy. Thanks to a scholarship from Deutsche Bank, Natalia began her studies at the Kayale Violin Academy in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2005.

Furthermore, Natalia Gordeyeva is a passionate follower of the Yehudi Menuhin Violin School inherited by Professor Habib Kayaleh, a former student of Yehudi Menuhin. She deeply believes that her generation of artists must do everything to preserve the "old" violin art of the 20th century.

She gave her first recital at the age of 7. At 10, she performed as a soloist with the chamber orchestra "Kyiv Camerata." She later made her grand stage debut in Kyiv at the age of 13, successfully performing with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine. During her studies at the National Music Academy of Ukraine, Natalia participated in numerous international competitions and won several prizes.

Natalia is a highly experienced chamber musician. As a member of chamber music ensembles and as a soloist, she performed on significant European stages, including Casa Paganini in Genoa, Teatro Filarmonico in Verona, United Nations Hall in Geneva, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Deutsche Bank Hall in Benelux, Tonhalle in Zurich, European House in Copenhagen. Natalia was a guest at the Snow and Symphony Festival in St. Moritz, the Yehudi Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, and the Jewish Culture Festival in Copenhagen. She also gave solo concerts in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

After completing her studies with Prof. Kayaleh in Geneva (Switzerland), Natalia returned to Kyiv, inspired to bring about significant changes in music education in Ukraine. In 2014, she opened her private music school, the "Music Arts Academy," the first private music education institution in Ukraine. Immediately after the "Revolution of Dignity," she saw her mission as making the European educational style accessible to people of all ages and professions, without being judged based on their musical talent, believing that it would elevate the overall cultural level of Ukrainian society.

After the onset of the war in February 2022, Natalia moved to Copenhagen and began her work as active artists in Denmark.